Monday, May 8, 2017

Send Email Directly to a Folder (Label) in Gmail

Here are the steps to set this up:
1. Log in to your gMail account

2. Create a new label. Call it whatever you like. Note: use an underscore instead of a space when naming your labels. This label will be listed on the left-hand side of your window.
3. Now Create a filter by clicking on Settings, then on Filters
4. Place your cursor in the input box labeled To: and type in where gmail_username is your GMail username. For instance Then click next.
5. Now check Apply the label and choose Neat_Stuff or whatever you named your label.
6. Check Skip the inbox to automatically send the message to that label instead of your main inbox.
7. Finally Click Create filter and you’re ready to go!

Optional Step:
8. I found that by adding the email address to my personal contact on my phone has made this even easier. Go to your specific contact in the contacts on your phone and add an additional email address to that contact that looks like this:
changing the default to whatever your username and label are. That way when you find something you want to forward to your email, you can start typing your email address in the To: field and the tweaked email address will show up as an option.